Canterbury Faire Holiday Bazaar
St. Agnes Guild of St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
Shoreline, Washington


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The Canterbury Faire Holiday Bazaar had its early beginnings 40 years ago as a part of the home-based handicraft movement. The original open house concept evolved into an annual bazaar that continues to expand in both scope and offerings as customer needs change. The first holiday bazaar was offered by the St. Agnes Guild of St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church of the Highlands in 1987. This women’s service guild provides social and outreach support to the St. Dunstan’s church community.

The original purpose of the bazaar was to raise funds for specific church needs such as banquet tables and chairs, preschool support, building remodeling projects and special annual social events. Today the primary focus of the bazaar is to raise funds for various St. Agnes Guild outreach programs. Donations benefit various non-profit charities which target local, national and international needs. Over the past several years, Canterbury Faire Bazaar profits have benefitted programs specifically aimed at the challenges of hunger, poverty, national disasters, battered women, prisoner family support, repair of cleft palates, access to wheelchairs, and worldwide emergency relief efforts.

Following the completion of the new St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church facilities in 1960, the annual bazaar had access to additional display areas coupled with easy parking access. Each year bazaar activities continue to expand. We now offer two floors of vendors, collectibles, traditional bazaar offerings, and a variety of delicious edibles.

The St. Agnes Guild Canterbury Faire offers interesting opportunities to all who participate in this event. Visitors can view beautiful handicrafts, meet new people, shop for that perfect gift for special friends and family members, and enjoy a delicious lunch and musical entertainment. There is something for everyone!

Click on this link to learn more about the St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church of the Highlands.